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Unless it was around Halloween or Christmas, Cressida's classroom did not change much. And during the early months, this was no exception. She hated Valentine's Day, and thus had no intention of decorating for it. Instead, from January to March, students would see what they always saw: a classroom covered with various plants and vines, which Cressida usually used to help pass materials to her students.

"Welcome to Beast Studies," the witch announced. "I'm your new permanent professor, Cressida Hawthorn. I'm quite certain you all have the potential to do quite well in all of my classes... so don't disappoint me." Her expression was stern and cold, though her voice was less so. "I hope you'll find these assignments satisfactory and rewarding. After all, I am an excellent professor."


January HERE! January BST assignmentsBST 101: Introduction to Cryptid Theory
“The intersection of the magical world with the mundane world is really quite interesting,” Cressida began, “and nowhere is that intersection clearer than with sightings of cryptids. A cryptid is some sort of animal, or occasionally other form of life, that is generally hidden from the rest of the non-magical world, while still being present within it. Of course, you can often find cryptids in magical regions, as well, and perhaps some of you actually are cryptids.” That would certainly be interesting, Cressida decided. “There are all sorts of cryptids of all different types,” the witch explained. “One of my particular favorites is the Mongolian Death Worm. Look it up!”
The witch smiled at her students. This was an introductory class, after all, and so hopefully it wouldn’t be too difficult for people to pass.
“So, what you’re going to do for t

February HERE! February BST assignmentsBST 101: Introduction to Cryptid Theory
“So, I take it you’ve all done the previous assignment, right?” Cressida asked her class, although she knew damn well who had done it and who hadn’t. “The simple one where you’ve just got to research different sorts of cryptids and provide me with a report on your research? Well, we’re building off of that one for this assignment.” Without missing a beat, a projector screen rolled down from its place above Cressida’s desk, the image shown on it being a map of the campus with arrows pointing to the mountains, forest and desert that surrounded the campus.
“There are a lot of places around here where you could encounter a cryptid,” Cressida explained. “There’s even a beach that’s not shown in this picture, but I’ve been there and I’ve seen some very odd things, including an Aspidochelone.” She left out the fact that she literally dropped a bomb on i

March HERE! March BST AssignmentsBST 101: Introduction to Cryptid Theory
“All right, remember when you planned your expedition to go search for a cryptid?” Cressida asked the class. “Well, this time, that’s what you’re going to be doing. This is your final assignment in this class, so I expect it to be spectacular. Gather everything that you’ve determined you need for your adventure into the forest or mountains or desert or wherever, and set out to find your cryptid! I’d like photographic evidence of it, of course, to prove that you really did what you’re supposed to do.”
“Of course, if you didn’t do the previous assignment,” Cressida stated, “you’ve still got the opportunity to go search for a cryptid. I’ll simply be selecting it for you. You’ll be going to the mountains just outside the campus to search for a Tsuchinoko. It’s capable of jumping, and it’s quite venomous, so make sure you pack the proper potions


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I am a university student and an amateur artist.

(By the way, the art for my icon can be found here: That artist has a nice gallery, check them out!)

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